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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Hillman's work guides The Guild's 2015 program

The Guild of Pastoral Psychology in London, England posts its 2015 lecture program, stating:
"Our theme this year is taken from the writings of James Hillman, 'reflection in the mirror of the soul lets one see the madness of one's spiritual drive, and the importance of this madness'." 
Scroll down The Guild's program page to Saturday 17 October 2015 to see that Thomas Moore is the featured speaker at the London Day Conference hosted in conjunction with the C. G. Jung Club. Details about this event will follow.

According to The Guild's site, "The Guild was founded in 1937, with Jung as its Patron. Two years later, Jung gave his talk "The Symbolic Life" to the Guild suggesting that "Only the symbolic life can express the needs of the soul" (Pamphlet 80). Since those days many eminent psychologists and spiritual thinkers have spoken at the Guild, and the Guild's Pamphlets, based on those Lectures have achieved international recognition. . . The Guild today also organises conferences and workshops and co-ordinates a number of Guild Groups around the UK and Australia."