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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Awe and wonder may be daily experiences

Huffington Post shares Thomas Moore’s latest piece "The Secular Theologian" in its Healthy Living section. Moore writes of no need to think of the sacred only with reference to a particular religion. He suggests:
 "Life is full of sacred moments that have no direct connection to formal religion, or else are the experience of people who are not connected to one of the established religions. Birth is one of those moments, and yet it is increasingly done in the atmosphere of a secular hospital. Yet, the holy knows no bounds. As Emerson said, the miracle of rain is more important than the miracles of religion. 
As the evolution of thought and culture moves many away from the established religions today, we need a secular theology more than ever. Otherwise, we end up with a purely secular world, one that no longer senses the miracle of rain or the transforming wonder of Old Faithful. A secular world without a sense of the sacred can be ethical but lacks the vision that roots a life in the mysteries that take us out farther and more deeply inward. There's a paradox at work here: The more we appreciate the holy outside of us, the more human we become." 
Please read Moore’s essay, then share it on FB and Twitter.

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