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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Enter the alchemical massa confusa to be creative

Thomas Moore's blog post today, "The Garbage of our Lives" considers placing "... our personal garbage under the mythic care of the night goddess Hekate," as James Hillman suggests in his book, The Dream and the Underworld. Moore writes:
"Another archetypal psychologist Rafael Lopez-Pedraza, who taught me with raised voice to honor the dark, says that we therapists have to enter the rhetoric of the archetype. If we are in a mess, or our client or friend or spouse is in one, it is best not to go somewhere else for comfort, to offer sweet promises of better times or moral persuasion to shape up or pseudo-religious pieties about it all having a purpose. No, the thing to do is to enter the mess and speak for it and use its language." 
Hekate at the Crossroads
To counter a current popular psychological approach, Moore emphasizes: "This is not positive, humanistic, happiness-based psychology. It’s an Underworld psychology pointing to an Underworld spirituality that is not weakened by being too optimistic and hopeful. It acknowledges what the Greeks were smart enough to enshrine: Necessity (Ananke). It’s an embrace of life rather than a ranking of the good and the bad."

QUOTE: "Hekate has to have stung you and given you a dose of her poison and made you a child of her night. You have to see through her eyes and not some other self-protective ones. You have to be willing to save the garbage and resist the understandable urge to clean it up."