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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Big souls go deeper with problems and emotions

Thomas Moore writes "Care of the Soul: Mega-Soul" for Spirituality & Health's March-April 2012 issue. In this column he considers the meaning of a big soul:
"I think I know one answer from my experience as a psychotherapist. I’ve encountered people who, in dealing with their problems, just don’t have enough space in them. Maybe they haven’t allowed life to affect them much. Life experiences stretch you, when you let them have their impact. Maybe they haven’t allowed emotions that frighten them, like anger, sadness, or desire. Let some of those in, and your soul will get bigger, fast. Maybe they haven’t reflected much on their experience. An unconscious soul is a small one."
He also discusses "small-idea syndrome" in which people get their ideas from superficial sources. Moore questions the value of popular directives such as "Be in the moment" and "Be authentic." He offers some big soul characteristics and names people who exemplify big soul to him. Read this column and respond on Thomas Moore's public Facebook page.