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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Read excerpt from Care of the Soul in Medicine

Hay House promotes Thomas Moore's Care of the Soul in Medicine in the July 2011 issue of Present Moments, the publisher's monthly inspirational newsletter. Moore is introduced with an excerpt from his book that describes the entrance to a place of healing:
"Here, then, is another rule about the soul: It is affected by symbol, ritual, and image. None of this has to be understood or registered intellectually; it is enough to experience the transition of a good entry or the spirit of healing in a well-designed examining and treatment area. Of course, it takes an architect and artist educated in traditional ritual space to design an effective entry.

A soulful healing environment will reflect sensitivity to the symbolic import of everything in sight: materials, sounds, smells, images, language, and uniforms."
Care of the Soul in Medicine is available in paperback.


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