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Monday, April 18, 2011

Moore on education: Demolish and reconstruct

Erica Sosna, founder and director of The Life Project CIC spoke with Thomas Moore during his recent trip to London about priorities in education. This five-minute video, The Soul of Education, features Moore talking about the language we use, the subjects we offer, and the people responsible for teaching. In his vision, the arts would play a primary role in curricula as they, according to Moore, humanize us and help us to see our souls. Science and mathematics would be included but not at the top of the list. He says, as a psychotherapist, he sees a direct line between naive notions of spirituality and sexual issues ― the primary matter in emotional problems. Therefore he would promote religion, not as a belief system but as an exploration of meaning and spiritual vision. Moore also suggests teachers need to develop into bigger, deeper, richer, and more visionary people.

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