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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Moore acts as resource for Meridian University

Meridian University in Pentaluma, California lists Thomas Moore as a contributing member of its Psychology faculty. The university site quotes Moore: "I have been a friend of Meridian University for several years. Meridian is friendly, intelligent, intense, complex, and perfectly focused. It provides an education which is counter to trends, feeds the soul, and pleasures the intellect." Adjunct psychology faculty also include Jean Houston, Shaun McNiff, Michael Meade and Robert Sardello.

According to the site, "Founded in 1993, Meridian University offers degree programs that educate students to engage the professions of Psychology, Business, Education, and the Arts in creative and transformative ways. These degree programs provide a cumulative, emergent, and integrated curriculum, empowering the student’s transformation both personally and professionally."

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