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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Workshop includes practical spirituality for life

While in San Diego for Hay House's I Can Do It! convention, Thomas Moore speaks at Vision: A Center for Spirituality on 16 May 2010 starting at 4 p.m. Promotional material describes Moore as "one of the leading popularizers of the principles of an archetypal, soul-based psychology. Originally a Catholic monk, he has spent thirty years as a practicing psychotherapist." His workshop, entitled Dreams, Art, Spirituality and Having a Great Life, provides opportunities for asking questions and open discussion. It features stories of  Moore's personal and professional life, including 13 years of monastic living and how he came to reject dogma and live a more personal, spiritual life. According to the workshop description, Moore's "writings have reintroduced many ancient spiritual teachings into a well-integrated 21st century life." Tickets are $30 at the door and $25 in advance with "special reserved" seating available for $40 (the first two rows of the sanctuary, 30 seats). Information is at


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