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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Moore offers Marco Island program in February

Thomas Moore presents his week-long "Spirituality and Care of the Soul in Psychotherapy" program for the New England Educational Institute on Marco Island, Florida from February 15 to 19, 2010. This symposium is "designed for psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, primary care physicians, counselors, nurses and allied mental health professionals."

Early Registration:
Postmarked before December 1, 2009 - $499 U.S.
Late Registration:
Postmarked after December 1, 2009 - $575 U.S.

•Healing the whole person: Body-Soul-Spirit
•Herakleitos: depth and flow
•Jung and the archetype of healing

•Psychological and spiritual counseling
•Hillman revisions Jung
•Asklepios and the role of dreams
•Spirituality in everyday life
•Spirituality and the religious traditions

•Creating a healing environment
•Psychotherapy as opus and vessel
•Not splitting healer-patient archetype
•The wounded healer
•The model of the Healing Buddha

•The shadow side of being a healer
•Money, sex, power, insecurity, burn-out
•Archetypes of charlatan, magician, parent, all-knowing expert
•Dealing with shadow
•Spiritual teachings on sacred ignorance
•Magritte, Beckett, Erasmus

•Spiritual and emotional support for the healer
•Caring for the healer's soul and spirit
•Education for the deep, spiritual role of healer
•What traditional healers can teach the modern healer
•Nature and friendship
•Gospel spirituality
•The Epicurean life

Register online through the NEEI site. Continuing education credits are available.

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