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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Moore shows Magritte to illustrate foolishness

At Hampstead Town Hall, Thomas Moore presents "Magritte’s Head: Our Precious Ignorance and Foolishness" on 9 September 2009, before the start of Re-vision's conference, Sacred Margins: Psychotherapy at the Interface.

"Drawing on Nicolas of Cusa’s Educated Ignorance, and Erasmus’s In Praise of Folly, Thomas Moore suggests that there is a certain way in which intellectualizing ruins life. He will show some of Magritte’s images and offer an interpretation of other classic sources, proposing the limits of the mind and the importance of playing, fooling around, and cultivating a sense of admitting to what you don’t know and can never know."

Barque posted an earlier notice of this event with payment information.

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