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Friday, April 04, 2008

Moore comments about creating a fulfilling life

Today, Seacoast Online publishes an interview with Thomas Moore by Dan Lorenz about A Life at Work. Three excerpts from the piece show Moore’s stress on satisfying work, the need to imagine beyond a job or career, and his personal approach.
"A job is key," Moore said. "If you're unhappy, everything else is going to fall apart. It's the happiness that holds it all together." The father of two stresses that the book is not about finding the right job; rather it speaks to the process of finding your life's work, and discovering what makes life worthwhile.
Commonly, Moore will find that a person is stuck in job that is unsatisfying, yet the person is too attached to it to move on. Change, he says, is key to moving on to bigger and better things. "Finding a satisfying job is a lifelong thing," Moore said. "It takes a long time to find. Some people can't give up that security that ties them down. You need to experiment and experience failures to do it. As long as you're on your way, you can find satisfying work."
The author feels that the work he does now is both self-fulfilling and satisfying. "I didn't become a writer until I was 50," Moore said. "I can't think of a job I'd rather do. I do keep myself open, because you never know what's going to happen next."
Moore mentions that while home schooling his daughter, he tries "to stay sensitive to her interests and talent."

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