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Thursday, November 04, 2021

Soul Psychology Course 2: Fri Dec. 3 at 12 noon

Thomas Moore's Soul Psychology: Course Two on the Ruzuku platform begins Friday 3 Dec. with a 1/2 hr. introduction and overview at 12 noon. Moore talks about the full program and these particular lessons. Readings are released on the Friday before the Wednesday live webinar. Participants chat throughout the week about the different topics and by responding to each lesson's prompts.

Dec. 3 Fri 12 noon ET Introduction: Live 1/2 hr. webinar

The following Wednesdays have a 1 hr. live webinar at 12 noon:
Dec. 8 ..... Eros and Psyche
Dec. 15 ... Dreams
Dec. 22 ... [Holiday Break]
Dec. 29 ... Hermes, Guide of Souls
Jan. 5 ...... Anima Mundi
Jan. 12 .... Alchemy
Jan. 19 .... Psychological Polytheism

"The course gives you solid ideas about the psyche, using many rich resources such as C. G. Jung, James Hillman, the world's spiritual traditions and the arts. Then with open conversation among participants, with Thomas's comments, gradually you become more sophisticated in your understanding of the psyche and your own soul. The course is useful both personally and professionally."

Tuition: $635.00 US