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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Moore's next online course begins 1 Nov. 2019

Thomas Moore's next six-week online course begins Friday 1 November 2019. Moore writes about Soul Psychology:
"It will take you deep into the rich and inspiring realms of myth, alchemy, Jungian and Archetypal Psychology and my own work with Care of the Soul. It is a course of deep learning and the exchange of personal experiences and life questions. You will encounter new ways of thinking that are fresh and stimulating, that turn upside down many common assumptions about how life works. 
The course is friendly and convivial, as the students together create a community around a common interest. Each Friday I give readings and suggestions for practice and on Wednesdays, 12 noon EST for an hour I am live presenting and leading discussion. The course goes for six weeks. This is the third course of six in the series but the courses are not sequential, you can begin with any course. 
As you register for additional courses you will receive a 15% discount. If you do the whole series, you are eligible for a 'certificate of attendance.' This would also require some writing and engagement with me to show mastery in this field. For some, this certificate could be useful professionally."
Register to pay the total fee $635 USD.
Register to pay $225 USD over 3 months.