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Monday, October 14, 2019

Moore in Chicago this week for C.G. Jung Institute

Meet Thomas Moore in Chicago this coming weekend at his event, An Enchanted Life, hosted by the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago.

Friday 18 October 2019:
Tau Center 26W171 Roosevelt Rd.
Wheaton, IL 60187

Myth, Daimon, and Angels: Finding Personal Power through Living Imagination
"Myth is the deep, partially hidden world of imaginal creatures inside us and around us. We all need the Muses for inspiration. Angels do exist, in a certain way, and keep us connected to the infinitely mysterious. Orenda, we learn from the Iroquois, is a power in us that we can’t live without. C. G. Jung gives a good example of a modern person who was able to live in close relationship to the powers appearing as images. We can each ease our way free, at least in part, from a cool, disenchanted culture to create a more soulful, magical way of doing things, thus coming alive in ourselves through a serious and direct approach to imagination."

Saturday 19 October 2019:
Venue SIX10
610 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60605

A Magical Way of Life
"The word “magic” is largely out of favor in a rationalistic and technical world. The ancient European tradition known as magia naturalis, natural magic, influenced much of the art and other aspects of culture known as the Renaissance. It is based on using color, sounds, images, art works, craft, aromas, plants, and many other ordinary elements of daily life to nourish the soul. It also uses words for their power to have an impact and to give a person deep powers that are otherwise elusive. The main problem people have today, implicated in emotional malaise and even certain sicknesses, is a lack of personal power. Natural magic can bring that creative power into our lives—but we have to step away from the mechanical culture in which we live and return to an appreciation for magic. This workshop gives both the necessary ideas and certain practices that can restore this important aspect of the soulful life."

Fees: $135 Single Day / $200 Both Days / 4.5 CEs/ Day ($15)