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Friday, October 19, 2012

Learn about soul and spirit at Wisdom House

What is the difference between spirit and soul? Join Thomas Moore at a weekend retreat from Friday 9 November to Sunday 11 November, 2012 at Wisdom House in Litchfield, Connecticut to explore the answer.

Moore writes about this retreat in his own blog post "Travel October 2012": "Let me push into November and include my last event for 2012, a workshop on soul and spirit at Wisdom House in Litchfield, CT, Nov. 9-11. Whenever I give talks, I mention the distinction between soul and spirit I learned from Jung and Hillman, and people always ask for clarification. I notice their interest and so decided to give an entire workshop on the theme. I’m looking forward to working with the staff at Wisdom House who do a great job of creating a warm and intellectually sophisticated atmosphere."

For the retreat description, scroll down Wisdom House's Fall 2012 programs page. A registration form to be printed, completed and mailed with payment to Wisdom House is available online.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Meet other medical professionals in San Diego

The second Osler Symposium invites people in health professions to San Diego, California from 20 October to 23 October 2012, for Doctoring in the 21st Century: Embracing the Challenge at the Catamaran Hotel.

Thomas Moore participates in different sessions on Tuesday 23 October 2012. His description under Faculty & Storytellers reads: "As a psychotherapist I’ve been in a healing role for thirty-five years. In all that time, my practice has healed me as well as my clients. I also know that if I do any good, it is because of how I have tended my life and person. I truly believe that everyone — parents, teachers, lovers and friends — is called to be a healer."

Moore writes in a recent blog post: "This is a special gathering of doctors under the leadership of a caring and effective leader, Janice Mancuso. Doctors talk to each other about their experience of being doctors. We had the first symposium last year in Albuquerque, and I was moved and impressed by what happened there. I wish all doctors could spend a few days with Janice and her friends and be refreshed. I will talk about the doctor as a spiritual guide. It’s part of the job, though a part that has been forgotten in recent years with the gradual increase of the science/fact archetype in medicine. All you have to do is look at effective medical practitioners around the globe and at the history of Western medicine to see how soul and spirit have always been part of medical care and healing."

Register online or mail your form to attend.  

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Monday, October 08, 2012

Moore shares his memories of James Hillman

James Hillman
Thomas Moore talks about his friend and mentor, James Hillman, in "Remembering James Hillman: An Enterview with Thomas Moore" by Rob Henderson in Quadrant. Hillman died 27 October 2011. Moore shares his experiences working with Hillman and his regard for Hillman's continuing influence since his death.

Moore includes, "James is alive. Resurrected. Accessible. I hope the world at large discovers him. Few other writers, so popular, are worth reading, in comparison. Skip those who are less and read Hillman. He's a difficult read for a lot of people. So is the Bible. So is Robert Frost. Certainly, so is Emily Dickinson. Yet, he's worth the effort, worth cracking your mind open to him."