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Monday, October 30, 2017

Ageless Soul: Read Moore's excerpts & reflections

The U.K.'s Daily Mail features excerpts online from Thomas Moore's new book Ageless Soul under the headline "How to age joyfully: Dreading getting old?" It continues,"Remarkable book by former monk turned psychotherapist reveals how to make those 'difficult' years the most happy, enriching (and sexually fulfilling) of your life." The selections include:
"Ageing requires courage. It's an active decision. You live your life moving onward. Say yes to life's invitations. Take it all on. Don't back off. Don't make excuses. Don't run for safety.
"Older people who are still making love may also find that their sex life is becoming richer and more satisfying.
No longer preoccupied with many of the neurotic issues of youth, your sex life may now be less goal-driven and instead more focused on calm, steady pleasure."
Personal Reflections
Kripalu Center shares Moore's personal reflections about writing his book in anticipation of his weekend presentation, Ageless Soul: Living a Long, Joyful, and Fulfilling Life, at the Stockbridge center from Nov. 17 to Nov. 19. His piece includes:
"Writing about aging helped me see its benefits and pleasures, too. I no longer feel driven to become somebody, though I continue doing the work I’ve enjoyed for 30 years. I’ve always had a Zen-inspired outlook that starts with sheer acceptance of what life wants from me. As I age, I’m like the trees surrounding my home that turn a youthful green in the spring, flourish for a few months, and reveal a different beauty as their leaves grow old and die. I’m happy to be part of this universal rhythm, although of course, if I could choose, I’d live forever."