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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Let's welcome and discover our need for depth

Next month’s release of A Religion of One’s Own prompts Thomas Moore’s blog post today, "Announcing the Birth of a New Book". Maintaining the ten-point summary format, Moore clarifies themes he discusses in his new book. Some of his observations:

“2. We don’t need more of the vague “spirituality” that has been a dominant theme for a while now. We need a new kind of religion, rising out of personal discovery, shared wherever we can share it.”
“6. It makes no sense to generate a secularist society to ensure people’s freedom of religion and non-religion. Better to appreciate and welcome all forms of deep spiritual thought and sensibility.”
“8. We need a religious spirit that leaves behind former masochistic anti-pleasure, anti-sexual, and anti-erotic anxieties.”

Read Moore’s post. Then please order the book.