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Monday, November 07, 2011 offers free Moore download makes available Thomas Moore’s audio program A Magical Life as a free digital download until Wednesday 9 November 2011. This program (ISBN: 978-1-61544-006-1) regularly costs $9.95. It has a run time of 137 minutes.

According to the site description, "... Thomas Moore recommends a radical shift in priorities: slowing down, living with our human imperfections and designing an intimate life. Moore illuminates this important lesson in this recording by focusing on old-time magicians – masters of illusion who created experiences of wonder by tapping into the less obvious, less mechanical, and less literal potencies of nature. Moore talks about how, through magic, we bring the heart into play and become more able to regard the most ordinary aspects of daily life as sacred."

Download the program now before the offer expires Wednesday. This offer is part of a tribute to James Hillman who died 27 October 2011. Read's blog entry about this tribute.