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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Moore: Healing includes care, not just treatment

Sharon, with Evergreen Institute for Wellness posts the follow-up entry, "Thomas Moore asks: Can modern medicine heal our body, soul and spirit?" for those unable to attend Moore's session on 1 October 2011 at Theater in the Wood. Moore talks about his findings in Care of the Soul in the Medicine and the need for soulful heathcare. Sharon describes Moore's recommendations for medical practioners, and for patients and their families:
"He offers healing guidance for patients and families as they navigate the existing health care culture. 'I recommend that patients assert themselves and present themselves as individuals,' he says. 'Some caregivers might be put off by this, hoping for a more compliant patient. But I think we are better served by educating our caregivers, letting them know how important it is to be treated as an individual and as a person,' he says. He encourages people to take an active part in healing and to view serous illness as a transition – a positive passage to new awareness."
She emphasize, "Moore focuses on the importance of care as part of healing, not just treatment."