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Saturday, September 03, 2011

From the guru: Your life is like the groundhog

Publisher Hay House shares Thomas Moore's short story "The Guru of Golf" from his book with the same title released last year. Enjoy reading David Shaw's lessons about the game of golf and the game of marriage, and about miracles. Moore describes the teacher:
"Guru G. was wearing navy blue gym pants made out of a shiny, silky material, an oversized gray sweatshirt, and sandals. He also had a plum-colored turban on his head with a sparkling blue jewel in the center. Even from a distance David could see that the guru appeared completely at ease in his odd garb and in the unusual surroundings."
One of the guru's lessons:
"'David, you are dividing your life into pieces. Think of your life as a groundhog, the one that lives near the fifth hole. Tear it into pieces and it dies. Keep your life together, like a soft animal. Learn to play golf and you will learn to be married.'"

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