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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Moore encourages cultural warming of America

Thomas Moore posts a new blog entry with the The Huffington Post today, "The Cultural Warming of America" in which he writes about "responding to the mechanistic style of our times with art and beauty." Moore encourages manners, civility, respect and cultivated speech. He shares:
"I've been called romantic, and the word was meant as a criticism. But I'm in favor of a return to a warmer cultural climate, a world in which civility and manners guide us in our daily relationships. Yes, these things can be superficial, but surface care in the way we relate to each other could be the beginning of a deeper respect. I'm not sure we can get to the second without the first. I'm happy to be a romantic."
Moore writes that his 98 year-old father is his role model for desired behaviours: "[He] taught me with his example to show respect for all people―not just to think it, but to express it in the way you address another person."

Read Moore's piece and respond with your comments and observations.

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