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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mayo Clinic sponsors talk by Thomas Moore

Katie Brandt filed a story for KTTC Television describing Thomas Moore's presentation sponsored by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota yesterday. According to Brandt, Moore "addressed the importance of integrated, holistic medicine," reinforcing ideas he wrote about in Care of the Soul. During yesterday's session, Moore talked about the need to include the soul and spirit when considering bodily healing. Brandt writes that "by treating patients' spirits" the emphasis stays on humanity. Otherwise, "Moore suggests the patient becomes just another body - a thing." Moore reminded the audience also to honour the soul of the Mayo Clinic.

Tonight, Vision TV presents the first part of the 2006 production The Blue Buddha- Lost Secrets of Ancient Medicine: The Journey of the Blue Buddha. The film "takes its name from the Tibetan Medicine Buddha, known as Sangye Menla, the master of remedies. He is traditionally portrayed as having a body of radiant celestial blue, the colour of healing." The documentary says that even as Western interest in alternative medical philosophies increases, Tibetan medicine is becoming more like allopathic systems, with the inclusion of it's holistic Buddhist underpinnings growing fainter.

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