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Sunday, February 19, 2023

Register for free summit with Moore on Mar. 31

Thomas Moore is a featured speaker during JungPlatform's Narcissism FREE Summit that starts Thursday 30 March 2023. Moore is the first speaker on Day 2 at 9:00 am PT  (12:00 pm ET).
"Thomas Moore uses the myth of Narcissus as his guide. Narcissism is the lack and felt need for self-love and appreciation. As a symptom, it points to what is needed. So the narcissistic person shows his or her pain by being a pain to others. He tries to coerce others to see and appreciate himself. In the myth (Ovid) Narcissus at first is hard like marble and doesn’t respond to his friends. But he reflects on himself in a pool of water, at first not knowing the image is of himself. Then he discovers for himself that he is lovable. He turns into a flower, which is the opposite of marble. Ovid’s Metamorphoses always presents a special, metaphorical transformation. So a narcissist needs love. He isn’t full of self-love, he is empty of it."
His topic is Lack of Soul in Narcissism.

In this session you will learn:
* What’s meant by “a sense of soul”
* What happens when we’re disconnected from the soul
* How can we restore a sense of soul in our daily lives

Registration is free.