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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Speaking as Elder for Pacifica Graduate Institute

Thomas Moore is keynote speaker at the online conference, The Inner Work of Age: Shifting from Role to Soul. It occurs Friday 12 November, 2021 to Sunday 14 November 2021, hosted by The Retreat at Pacifica Graduate Institute via Zoom. 

Keynote: The Fulfilled Elder: Thomas Moore 
"The key to a sense of peace and fulfillment in old age is to have been an Elder from the beginning and to remain young in later years. If you have really lived, accepted the opportunities life has given you, and fostered a relationship with the infinite that saturates you and your world, then old age, with all of its challenges, will feel like a blossoming. You will feel it even more as you present the story of your soul to others and offer them guidance."

Learning Objectives:
1. Connect the imagination of aging with the actual lived experience.
2. Explore the spirituality that naturally can arise in old age.
3. Learn deep ways to leave a legacy, foresee the future, and be a good ancestor.
4. Describe how to be a noble teacher in old age.

Conference Registration 
- $225.00 Pacifica Student Rate
- $275.00 Pacifica Alumni, Full Time Students & Senior Rate
- $325.00 General Rate