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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Next Soul Psychology course begins March 12

The fourth course in Thomas Moore's Soul Psychology series begins Friday 12 March, 2021 with an one-half hour live introduction by Moore at 12:00 noon ET. This course is six weeks with new readings posted on Friday. The live lecture with Q&A chat follows on Wednesday.

Live introductory session: Friday 12 March, 2021 12:00 noon ET 

1. Wed March 17    Goddess Artemis
2. Wed March 24   Shadow: Archetypal & Personal
3. Wed March 31    Coupling / Uncoupling
4. Wed April 7        Beauty & the Soul of things
5. Wed April  14     James Hillman: Anima
6. Wed April 21      A Religion of One's Own

Ruzuku hosts the course. Registration is now open. Registration closes once the course begins. Students of a previous course receive a discount. Students who have completed the six-course series receive a greater discount. Completion of six courses with consultation may lead to a certificate of attendance.