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Sunday, October 04, 2020

Rhythms, episodes, cadences, fugues in psyche

South Africa's Centre for Applied Jungian Studies offers its eight-week online Jungian Music Program starting Saturday 24 October, 2020 through its newly formed Jungian School of Music and Psyche.

Thomas Moore is a faculty member for this program. Moore's first module is titled Rhythms, Episodes, Cadences and Fugues in the Psyche
"Picking up the Boethius idea of Musica Humana, I explore the musical dynamic structure of human experience. The rhythms and tempos of emotions and moods and meaningful events. How to be a musician of your life or a musician of the soul, appreciating how musical forms exist in the psyche in ways parallel to their appearance in the music of sound. This musical approach allows for a kind of psychotherapy that allows the natural movements of the soul but also offers techniques for shaping those experiences and dealing with them in ways that are graceful and satisfying."

Moore's second module is Soul Music in the Italian Renaissance:

"This approach to music and the psyche is based in the imaginative work of Marsilio Ficino (1433-1499), who was a musician, philosopher, translator and magus. He sorted music astrologically according to the classical Greek gods and goddesses, recommended diagnosing the particular needs of the soul, and playing and listening to music that would either temper the mood or deepen it. It is possible to adapt Ficino’s methods today, becoming more conscious, artful and therapeutic in the way we use music for the soul."
Download the complete program.
Program Tuition: $300 U.S.