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Monday, September 28, 2020

Podcast about Moore's early teachers and mentors

Moore is far left
Listen to a 27-minute podcast of Thomas Moore talking with host, Belinda Lams of The Moment When... for an episode from 16 June 2019.
"Thomas Moore left his home and family at age 13 to pursue the Priesthood. Inspired by life as a monk and a student, he spent over a decade immersed in a classical and spiritual education. Stacking up degrees while cultivating his interests, he grew more open-minded than his religious structure until…the very inspiration that had led him on this path was suddenly gone. Without support from his colleagues, he made his way out into the big world to find another path forward. 
Listen to this Hero’s Journey where Thomas pays homage to the brilliant mentors who called out his various gifts and reveals his belief in the mysterious angelic voice that guides his life."

Moore talks about the people who influenced his life during his early years.