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Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Thomas Moore in Connecticut on June 11, 2020

Are you called to be a Pastoral Care Specialist in the New England region? Consider Basic and Advanced classes offered by Marcus M. McKinney, D.Min., LPC, Community Health Executive, Pastoral Counseling Training Director. McKinney writes:
 "... people come from all over the state [Connecticut] and beyond for this class that welcomes everyone who serves in a 'caring' role  to provide psychologically sound care to people needing help and recovery (emotional and addiction issues will be addressed.) 
You do NOT need to be a pastor, or counselor  many have taken the class whose role is as a ministry leader or lay-person caring for people in need."
McKinney hosts Thomas Moore on Thursday 11 June, 2020 as a featured speaker in his 2020 programs. Moore, completing a book on "therapy", will present in the afternoon at Day Kimball Healthcare in Putnam, CT and offer an evening talk for the community.
Successful completion of the Basic and Advanced classes leads to Pastoral Care Specialist designation on the attending certificate.

Please email marcusmichaelmckinney (at|) for more information.