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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Threads to new Christmas e-course in interview

The hosts of Spirit Matters, Dennis Raimondi and Phil Goldberg, interview Thomas Moore "about his journey into and out of the monastic life, his perspective on religion, and his upcoming e-course, A Universal Christmas, at SpiritualityandPractice,com" that begins Monday 3 December, 2018.

Highlights include reference to Moore's translation of the four canonical Gospels and his approach toward New Testament stories about Jesus.

This interview is approximately 32 minutes. Dennis and Phil follow with a separate 10 minute discussion. These files are also available through PlayerFM.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Be a soul-sensitive person, able to guide others

Attend Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health during the weekend of 26-28 April 2019 for Thomas Moore's program Psychotherapy as Care of the Soul: A Training in Thomas Moore’s Soul-Based Approach:
"Soul-based therapy requires an ability to see what is going on beneath the surface. Since the language of the soul is poetic, we must learn to attune to artistic, literary, mythic, and dream imagery. Alchemy, Renaissance magic, and other esoteric systems also provide rich guidance for soul processes. 
Specially designed for mental-health professionals, this program with Thomas Moore explores the journey of becoming a soul-sensitive human being, able to guide others with depth. Experience an intense immersion in therapy that zeroes in on underlying narratives and themes playing out in a person’s life. 
Recommended reading James Hillman, Re-Visioning Psychology; Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul."
Tuition: $350.00 per person + room and meals.

Location: Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
57 Interlaken Road
Stockbridge, MA 01262

Friday, November 16, 2018

Join Thomas Moore in his Christmas e-course

Spirituality & Practice offers the online course A Universal Christmas with Thomas Moore starting Monday 3 December 2018 and ending Monday 7 January 2019. In eleven emails, sent on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, you will receive:

* Thomas Moore's reflections on Christmas from an inclusive and soulful point of view.
* Ideas for discussion and practice.
* Access to a Practice Circle, a forum available 24/7 in which to share with, and learn from a worldwide e-course community.
"Indulge yourself in fantasy, magic, and a mysterious happening that, in the words of Thomas Moore, 'makes life merry and worthy of our complete devotion.'"

If you need financial help to participate in this program, please email Spirituality and Practice. This e-course is $40.00.
To prepare for this, you may enjoy reading Moore's award winning book, The Soul of Christmas, published by Franciscan Media in 2016.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Develop your direct relationship with the divine

This week Tom Rapsas taps into the wisdom of Thomas Moore's book A Religion of One's Own: A Guide to Creating a Personal Spirituality in a Secular World in the post "Finding God without Church (Spirituality for the Rest of Us)" for his blog Wake Up Call on Patheos.

Rapsas quotes Moore to suggest, "In this new spiritual world, you look to formal religions for insight, but create and follow your own path. You create a personal religion rooted in the practices and rituals of your own everyday life, treating 'the natural world and everyday activities as sacred.' You sense the divine in nature, through the appreciation of art and music, by 'feeling your soul stir at family gatherings, in deep friendships and romantic relationships.'" He posits:
 "If you consider yourself a spiritual person, Moore stresses that 'the discovery or creation of religion of your own, is not an option.' It is a necessary step in your spiritual development, a calling, a part of your essence that you cannot ignore if you want to achieve true spiritual fulfillment. 
The key to success is to deepen and further enrich your spiritual practice — to move beyond paying lip-service to being “spiritual but not religious” and place yourself squarely on a path of spiritual growth and development. It only works with your intention and commitment to make it work."
After listing some of Moore's suggestions for creating this approach, he concludes, "The fact is, with the right intention, virtually every daily activity can be seen as a way to connect with the Divine. Moore even mentions one of my favorite soul-enriching activities: sipping a cup of coffee in the early morning hours, in quiet contemplation."

Please share your own spiritual activities in the Comments section of Rapsas's post.