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Friday, November 11, 2005

Register now for Kripalu weekend March 2006

Thomas Moore's and Joan Hanley's weekend session, March 10 to March 13, 2006: The Jesus Way of Bliss in Lenox, Massachusetts is open for registration.

See Barque: Thomas Moore posting Jesus Spirituality weekend at Kripalu for details.
"The early Christians lived in common awaiting for the parusia, the coming. They were awaiting that great day of the coming of the Lord, as though the Lord is coming from the outside! The Gospels do not say that, but that is the picture we get, a waiting for this remote event. The very fact that the Gospels say that the time of the coming is indefinite, means it all depends on you. If you create the proper conditions it will happen and this is the teaching of Christ and it can happen now, today.
The coming is an interior consciousness event. The new creation does not mean that everything (external) is going to change, it means that your ability to experience reality is going to change. If the coming of the kingdom, of the coming of Christ, of the day of the Lord, the great psycho-mystical experience is right here at hand, here and now, why don't we see it? What do we have to do?"
From Crossing over Together, p.94
Crossing over Together: Selections from the writings and talks of Thomas G. Hand, edited by Judy Howe Hayes (2004), is available online in .pdf format, approximately 130 pages.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Moore in N.Y.'s capital region March 2006

Thomas Moore will be the guest speaker at the twentieth anniversary dinner of the Samaritan Counseling Center of the Capital Region to be held Sunday, March 26, 2006. Moore will join the center for two days of workshops and events on Saturday, March 25 and Sunday, March 26 2006.

The Samaritan Center is a private, not-for-profit organization offering individual, couples, family and group therapy, and business consulting services. It is fully accredited by the Samaritan Institute in Denver, Colorado, which helps Samaritan centers in 230 U.S. cities.

The center has offered more than 18 years of service to New York’s capital district, and is currently in the counties of Schenectady, Albany, Southern Saratoga, Northern Saratoga and Rensselaer.

For further information about this event, call the Center's Administrative Office at 518-374-3514.

MIT hosted defense and disarmament forum

Last month Thomas Moore spoke on a panel at the Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies and Nuclear Freeze 25th Anniversary Symposium held Friday 21 October to Sunday 23 October 2005 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Moore’s shared session Saturday afternoon, was Psychological, Religious, and Cultural Responses to the Nuclear Threat. Harvey Cox, professor, Harvard Divinity School, Robert Jay Lifton, author, Harvard Medical School, and Alan Kay, founder, Public-Interest Polling, joined him for the session. The IDDS promotes its interests as: "Research and education on ways to reduce the risk of war, minimize military spending and foster democratic institutions."

Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat of Spirituality and Health offer resources, compiled in 2003, to explore spiritual responses to security concerns: Spiritual Literacy in Wartime.