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Friday, October 07, 2005

Thomas Moore to speak in Chicago next month

The C. G. Jung Center in Chicago, Illinois is holding the 2nd annual June Singer Memorial Event this year, November 11-13, 2005 - The Self's Expression: Creativity and Individuation in Later Life. Thomas Moore is to open the gathering with the evening session Friday, November 11 - The Crab and the Butterfly: Discovering Unexpected Creativity in Later Years.
"This talk aims at freeing the imagination to be realistic about age and devoted to the imagination of life’s many phases and stages. The ultimate goal is to free us to be, especially in the later years, when youth is not so mired in the literalism of inexperience and immaturity. Paradoxically it may be in old age that we are finally free to enjoy the special creativity of the soul that has been waiting for release."
The conference is described as "about two faces of creativity: about the art created by men and women in their later years as expression of the maturing self and about life after middle age as a work of art in progress." Call 847-475-4848 ext. 223 for more information or download the schedule and registration form.