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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Thomas Moore promotes the new Epicureans

On Sunday 4 September 2005, Thomas Moore spoke at the Bath Great Rethinking Conference: Changing our Personal and Planetary Destiny. His presentation The New Epicureans: Sex and Violence, Pleasure and Pain, Grace and Decadence is available in CD (PBA25-311 $15.00) or DVD (PBA25-811 $30.00) format.

Moore writes:
"Deep in the etymology of "violence" is a strong Latin word VIS. It is the power in nature that we sense in the surging sea and the growth of grass. In our experiences of violence we witness the vain attempt of life to push itself into existence and visibility. This is a sexual power. Sex is not just about making bodies but making souls as well. The people of the world need every opportunity to be creative and visible. They need to enjoy life, not just survive. Without that opportunity, they will turn to violence, in spite of themselves."

Friday, September 09, 2005

The invisible mentor and the transparent guide

Given our cultural focus on recognition, getting credit and being the expert, occasional anonymity is appealing -- doing something without drawing attention to it, or even doing something without the full realization that we're doing it. Thomas Moore's article, The Anonymous Guru in Spirituality & Health (July - August 2005) is now available online. Free registration enables you to access the Archive area of the site. Go to Barque: Thomas Moore's Work to scroll the sidebar for earlier articles.