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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Listen to Thomas Moore in Santa Fe next month

Thomas Moore joins other speakers for The Ageless Living Conference  in Santa Fe, New Mexico next month on Saturday 16 June and Sunday 17 June, 2018. He speaks about Ageless Soul: Becoming an Authentic Person over Time.
"In this engaging and informative program Thomas reminds us that our sense of self rises up from the deep soul, the source of vitality, connection, and meaning. To age, he says, is to evolve into who we are essentially. We ripen and mature by accepting life’s invitations and going through a series of transformations. Most of the time we accept the calls to adventure, and later work out any blockages and gaps. We may have to deal with loneliness, anger and sadness at getting older, but our bigger vision will ensure our happiness."
Tickets: $49 - $139
Buy tickets online for this Ageless Living Series.

Lensic Performing Arts Center
211 W. San Francisco Street
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501