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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Moore speaks with medical students in Glasgow

Thomas Moore lectures about Care of the Soul in Medicine at the University of Glasgow on Wednesday 28 September in the Western Infirmary Lecture Theatre (WILT) from 7:15 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. This evening seminar is aimed at medical students and graduates.

For information, email:
Dr. Clare Willocks []
Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
NHS Lanarkshire


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

C. G. Jung Society of Sarasota hosts Moore

The C. G. Jung Society of Sarasota, Florida promotes Thomas Moore's visit on Friday 20 January 2012 and Saturday 21 January 2012.

Friday Evening
Moore gives a lecture Care of the Soul in Medicine from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Waldemere Auditorium, Sarasota Memorial Hospital. According to the site, "This lecture prepares both patients and healthcare providers with a vision for healing people and not just bodies."

Lecture Fee:
$25 Members
$30 Non-Member
$20 Full Time Student with ID at Door

(2) CEUs $10 - Paid at the Door - CEUs provided by SMH

Saturday Workshop
This workshop, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. covers four main topics associated with Care of the Soul in Medicine:
— Dealing in depth with patients
— Caring for oneself, especially by restoring one's initial inspiration for the work
— Working well with colleagues and creating a communal work environment
— Attending to the physical place of healing, especially to the soul issues of family, home, art and dream

"We'll consider symbolic aspects of the place of healing, as well. For patients and caregivers, the workshop will explore ways to deepen our appreciation for the place of illness in life and how best to participate in the healing. The workshop will be helpful both to health professionals and caregivers."

Workshop Fee:
$85 Members
$95 Non-Member
$30 Full Time Student with ID at Door

(5) CEUs $25 - Paid at the Door - CEUs provided by SMH

Saturday's workshop is also in:
Waldemere Auditorium,
Sarasota Memorial Hospital
1700 S. Tamiami Trail,
Sarasota, Florida

Click the linked page to register online for these two events and to view a location map.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thomas Moore headlines seminar for change

 EDITOR'S UPDATE: Evergreen Institute for Wellness offers a full description of the day-long seminar.

Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce blogs today about Thomas Moore's appearance at Theater in the Wood, Intervale, New Hampshire on 1 October 2011, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.: A Healthy Body, Soul and Spirit.
"We invite you to join us as Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul in Medicine offers deep insight for both healers and patients the morning of October 1st followed by 6 practitioners from Memorial Hospital sharing their insight into many health related topics. Lunch will be available from The Local Grocer [separate cost]. Copies of Thomas Moore’s book, Care of the Soul in Medicine will be available from White Birch Books for his personal signing after the presentation."
Topics in the afternoon include Acupuncture in Family Medicine; Whole Women, Whole Health; The Future of Healthcare: The Patient-Centered Model.

Cost: $25
CMEs available for healthcare professionals.

Also visit the Evergreen Institute for Wellness page at Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce. This special event is in partnership with Memorial Hospital's 100-year anniversary celebration.

"The future of medicine is not only in new technical developments and research discoveries; it is also in appreciating the state of soul and spirit in illness."
— Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul in Medicine (2011)

Read earlier Barque coverage of this event:
8 September 2011 "Hospital anniversary includes care of the soul"
15 July 2011 "Moore speaks at Theater in the Wood, Oct. 1"


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lopez-Pedraza influences Moore's approaches

On his blog, Thomas Moore writes about his encounters with the late Rafael Lopez-Pedraza who died 10 January 2011 at the age of 90 years. According to the Asheville Jung Center, Lopez-Pedraza "... was one of the most original Jungian analysts of our time. His books are replete with emergent images that contain a constant invitation to recreate the scope of psychology and psyche. His body of work formed, next to Adolf Guggenbühl-Craig and James Hillman, the outpost of a method of understanding the human soul that has been described by some, as its own school within the Jungian tradition."

After recommending Lopez-Pedraza's book, Hermes and His Children, Moore writes about "the Hermaphrodite [as] part of Hermes fantasy":
"In my own therapeutic work I usually try to embody the learning I’ve taken from Rafael. I try not to be gender-bound or to get lured into oppositions. I know that I am in need of therapy at least as much as my clients are. I try not to be a man always, but some other kind of being, a borderline person, neither this nor that. I realize that insights come accompanied by further ignorance, light with more shadow, a sense of health with an even deeper sense that something is wrong. The weakening of psychotherapy is as important as any strength accomplished. I, myself, will be weakened by it as much as I’m strengthened." 
Moore encourages his readers to meditate with Lopez-Pedraza's writings.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Emily Dickinson regarded as a natural mystic

EDITOR'S UPDATE: Thomas Moore reposts this blog entry today and makes it open to comments. Please read it and share your responses with others who are interested in his writings.

6 September 2011: Thomas Moore posts his essay "Emily Dickinson" today on his blog at He shares one of Dickinson's poems and describes their neighbourly relationship.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Hospital anniversary includes care of the soul

Today's story in The Conway Daily Sun describes centenary celebration plans for Memorial Hospital in North Conway, New Hampshire. Special events include a picnic, historical displays, planting a time capsule and the Care of the Soul In Medicine Conference:

"In association with the Evergreen Institute, Memorial will offer 'A Healthy Body, Soul and Spirit: Caring for the Soul in Medicine and in our Ordinary Lives,' on Saturday, Oct. 1, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Theater in the Wood, Intervale.

The morning event will feature Thomas Moore, author of the bestselling book Care of the Soul, who has written over 20 books on deepening one’s spirituality and cultivating the soul in everyday life."
Before each event, information about it will be available on Memorial Hospital’s site. Read Barque's 15 July 2011 story for a description of the Evergreen Institute and the location of Moore's presentation.


Saturday, September 03, 2011

Attend evening program at St. Francis Hospital

Saint Francis Hospital's Center for Integrative Medicine promotes its September program Caring for Body, Soul and Spirit through Art and Yoga on Thursday 15 September from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the Gengras Auditorium, located on the first floor of the Gengras Building, 1000 Asylum Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut. This evening features Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul in Medicine and Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa, author of Art  and Yoga. Cost is $10 and includes validated parking. The program is featured on page 15 of Saint Francis Hospital's Best Care Fall 2011 Course Offerings (Page 9 of this downloadable .pdf file). According to the course description, "You will experience creative exercises to deepen your relationship with your body, and simple, yet, profound breathing, movement and meditation exercises for relaxation and creativity."

Register online:
1. Go to the Center for Integrative Medicine's Community Calendar page.
2. Click the left-side box showing the month.
3. Click the square for Sept. 15
4. Click the top item listed: Caring for Body, Soul and Spirit through Art and Yoga
5. Follow the steps across the top of the description page.

Read the 21 June 2011 Barque announcement for this event. Please note the revised start time.

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From the guru: Your life is like the groundhog

Publisher Hay House shares Thomas Moore's short story "The Guru of Golf" from his book with the same title released last year. Enjoy reading David Shaw's lessons about the game of golf and the game of marriage, and about miracles. Moore describes the teacher:
"Guru G. was wearing navy blue gym pants made out of a shiny, silky material, an oversized gray sweatshirt, and sandals. He also had a plum-colored turban on his head with a sparkling blue jewel in the center. Even from a distance David could see that the guru appeared completely at ease in his odd garb and in the unusual surroundings."
One of the guru's lessons:
"'David, you are dividing your life into pieces. Think of your life as a groundhog, the one that lives near the fifth hole. Tear it into pieces and it dies. Keep your life together, like a soft animal. Learn to play golf and you will learn to be married.'"

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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Thomas Moore asks, "Is God literally in the sky?"

Thomas Moore's essay "Magritte’s Good Logic" helps to introduce the  The Dasein Project today, a new site about "what it means to be human" hosted by Jason McCarty. Moore considers his translation of the New Testament Gospels from Greek to English while accompanied by René Magritte's visual sensitivities. Moore writes,
"Magritte said that he wanted to be a thinker who paints, rather than a painter who thinks. He was interested in ideas, specifically ideas about how we perceive and interpret the world around us. He understood more than most that our way of connecting things is not as rational and linear as we imagine."
After considering a few of Magritte's canvases, Moore suggests,
"The lesson Magritte teaches with his paintings is not only important; it’s essential. We have to include the imagination in our logic and geometry. If we leave it out, we make significant mistakes in genre and meaning. How much religious foolishness goes on simply because people reading sacred texts have never studied Magritte." 
Read how sky and pipe may be connected.