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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Moore to speak in U.K. as patron of Re•Vision

Thomas Moore is the new patron of Re•Vision, a charity registered in London, U.K., that started in 1988 as a counselling and psychotherapy training centre "with a transpersonal and integrative perspective based on the principles of Psychosynthesis." It offers counselling and psychotherapy services that draw on ancient wisdom for everyday life. Re•Vision is hosting two events with Thomas Moore in March, 2007.

Sexuality And Spirituality: Mutual Needs Of The Soul
March 2, 2007, 7.30-10pm
Fee: £40
"To be completely fulfilling, sexuality needs a spiritual vision... What is needed is a deeper notion of what sex is all about and a spirituality that does not denigrate the body and its passions." Thomas Moore will explore this deeper notion of sexuality in an open talk.

Dark Nights Of The Soul: Deep Care In Times Of Ordeal
March 4, 2007 (Venue to be announced) 2-6pm
Fee: £55 (£45 for Graduate members)
"Dark passages in life are natural and to be expected. They have benefits to offer, provided we respond to them with care, patience, and a positive attitude. We have much to learn from the spiritual traditions and from ideas about caring for the soul in relation to its dark nights. Here, therapy means, as the etymology of the word suggests, nursing and caring rather than fixing and repairing..." This workshop is for Re•Vision graduates and training staff only and is limited to 50 participants.

97 Brondesbury Road
London NW6 6RY
020 8357 8881
020 8357 9661
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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Moore explores forgiveness in new documentary

In August 2006, Journey Films announced its new 90-minute documentary, The Power Of Forgiveness "that takes an honest look at the intensity of anger and grief that human nature is heir to." The production company is inviting groups to host a screening and discussion of the project.

"The film includes stories and interviews with people from many faith traditions: Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, Nobel Peace Laureate Elie Wiesel on forgiveness in the Jewish faith; Azim Khamisa on forgiveness and Islam; Rev. James Forbes, pastor of Riverside Church in New York, on forgiveness from a Christian perspective. And best-selling author Thomas Moore (Care of the Soul) speaks on forgiveness from a spiritual dimension."

Before its showing on PBS in June 2007, special screenings, to be facilitated by filmmaker Martin Doblmeier, may be booked from late February 2007 through early April 2007. The link provides contact information for those interested in hosting this event.