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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Attend Schumacher College, July 2006

Thomas Moore and Joan Hanley will deliver the last two weeks of a three-week short program scheduled for Schumacher College, July 9 to 21, 2006. Ecology of Body, Soul and Spirit will investigate the Indian notion of self (atman) with Ramchandra Gandhi during the first week.
"In the second and third weeks, Thomas Moore and Joan Hanley will use lectures, discussions, art work, movement, and poetry to explore the arts of soul and spirit, and in this way deepen participants’ connection to the natural world and broaden the very notion of ecology."
Thomas Moore and Joan Hanley have taught together at Schumacher College previously. Contact the college for general details or more information about this specific course. Check the scholarship and bursary information for financial assistance.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Thomas Moore with New Dimensions

For New Dimensions radio programs, Michael Toms has spoken with Thomas Moore about his writing and work. Some of these hour-long broadcasts are available for direct purchase or through the New Dimensions listening club. Titles link to a fuller program description and ordering process.

The Gateway in the Darkness
2004 May 25 May program #3049 CD - Cassette - MP3 Download
Some topics explored:
–Maintaining hope, vision and integrity when life seems to have fallen apart
–Using music to deal with your darkness
–The price for believing we must be happy at all costs
–How embracing an understanding of the atrocities that occur around the world can help us become more of who we are

Appreciating Your Originality
2000 March 8 program #2810 Cassette - MP3 Download
“Moore explores how and why we cover up who we really are and offers a vivid sense of what it means to live with passion and creativity—through following the lead of your authentic self.”
Some topics explored:
–Why you may regress in order to grow
–Jewels inside the pain of loss
–How to step outside of the box in a culture that wants to keep you there

Sex, Passion and the Soul
1998 June 26 program #2731 Cassette
“Thomas Moore declares that we are actually afraid of sex, ‘afraid of our own vitality.’ He believes that what we need is the courage to live sensuously, to ease up on the maddening work ethic, and to give pleasure its due. Moore believes sex is an experience of the soul—not just an act in the bedroom, but something that permeates everything we do. Because sex is so much at the center of life, if we pretend otherwise it only haunts and consumes us.”
Some topics explored:
–How to discover and understand your own story
–How our moralistic attitudes toward smoking, fatty foods, etc. are linked to sex
–What political sex scandals say about our times
–How sexuality and ecology are connected

Re-Enchant Your Life
1996 June 26 program #2574 Cassette
Thomas Moore “speaks out on behalf of soul as the part of us that is ‘closer to the body, to the world we live in’ than the often abstract world of spirituality. He insists that personal growth, evolution and other ideals should not be blindly embraced if they keep us from simply experiencing life as it is. This is the true quest of soul, to ‘enchant’ our life with meaning and magic.”
Some topics explored:
–The difference between your spirit and soul
–Water and its soul qualities
–Reclaiming values from the past
–What you can learn from cows
–The value of nostalgia, cemeteries and honoring the dead
–Whether or not your work is wounding your soul

Soul Work
1994 November 11 program #2502 Cassette
"The soul wants to be revealed," Thomas Moore says, "not understood."
Some topics explored:
–The trouble with self-improvement
–What the alchemists were seeking
–The pitfalls of psychology
–The soulful qualities of letter-writing

The Art of Soulful Living
1992 May 19 program #2331 Cassette
“Thomas Moore describes soul as the part of us that wants a rich, full experience of everyday life. That concept may not seem very radical in itself, but startling ideas follow from his wide classical scholarship and experience as a psychotherapist. He tells us, for instance, why it's more important to live artfully than healthfully; that the soul doesn't seek explanations and solutions so much as poetry and paradox; that the soul naturally loves money and we don't need to deny our craving for it. Moore challenges many traditional concepts of fulfillment in human life to bring us an exciting new understanding of psychology, ecology, livelihood and what it means to be alive and human.”